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“Bleeding Blue” Book Launch set for April 23rd

There will be a Launch Party of Don Weston’s First Published Book, “Bleeding Blue”, at 7 p.m. on April 23rd at TaborSpace, SE 54th and Belmont, Portland, Oregon.

Don will read from his mystery about a female P.I. named Billie Bly. He  will have copies of his book available for $15.00 and will sign them.

Don’s book is set in Portland, Oregon and features a hard-boiled Private Investigator who becomes the target of a ruthless killer.

Join Don at his premier and learn a bit about him and his writing. He will share a few stories about the bumpy path to becoming an author, provide refreshments, and sign his book for you.

You can learn more and reserve a ticket for the event at http://www.donweston.eventbrite.com


Wilsonville Arts Festival Book Signing June 1-2

Don Will be at the 14th annual Wilsonville Festival of Arts in Town Center Park, on June 1-2, selling and signing his new book, “Bleeding Blue,” in the Author tent. He will be available Saturday from 2-5 p.m. and 10-5 Sunday to sign your book.

There will be many other authors attending the event and the Author’s tent is located in the middle of the Arts Festival. Town Center Park is located at 29600 SE Park Place in Wilsonville, Oregon.


Don’s Short Story now available on Kindle

Billie Bly’s is being introduced in a  short story now on Kindle.You can Buy it for only 99 cents on Amazon.

Although the story starts out introducing the likeable female P.I. taking on an innocuous dognapping case, it is not for the faint of heart.

Death Fits Like  A Glove, will be Billie Bly’s introduction to the public. You will be able to share the likeable Private Investigator’s adventures as she attempts to find the cause of missing pets in her Portland neighborhood. She takes on the case to make points with neighbors who are still a bit miffed since her garage blew up in her first Adventure, Bleeding Blue, to be released soon.

Billie is used to dealing with people, not dogs, and although she has a good plan for catching some thieves who are stealing and selling neighborhood pets, she is at first stymied by the culprits who are street smart in a different way.

When a cute red-headed boy offers to help her, she can’t turn him down. But this boy begins to display behavior traits that portray a possible serial killer in the making. Now she has two problems: how to catch the pet thieves and save this boy from a fate worse than death.

If she wasn’t so good at her job, this could be a case with a happy ending. But when she gets wind of something bigger, a sinister figure plans to put an end to Billie Bly.



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